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Open Enrollment & Kindergarten Registration

FAQ’s about Registration and Transfers

What information do I need to register my kindergartner?
His/her original birth certificate or passport
His/her shot record. Your student will need all the shots required for attending school prior to registration.
Two proofs of residency: (may include any two of the following)

Deed to your home.

Escrow papers for your home.

Tax receipt (property taxes or personal taxes).

Receipt for deposit with the local utility company and/or receipt for bills paid to the local utility company.

Rental agreement with property owner or agent’s signature (notarized or verified under penalty of perjury).

Other government or business document which reliably establishes current residence, as determined by the District.

Does my student need to meet the kindergarten age requirement to participate in FSD ?
Yes, your student needs to be age five by December 2 to participate in FSD.

How do I find out about the Preschool Programs that are offered by FSD?
Call 714-447-7477 or visit our website: (click on Child Care Services)

How do I transfer from my school of residence to another school in FSD?
You may go to your home school and complete an Intradistrict Transfer Request. Forms completed at the school sites will be forwarded to the requested school via inter-office mail.

What if I would like my student(s) to attend a district other than my district of residence?
The procedure for requesting an Interdistrict Attendance Permit is as follows:

1. Parent obtains Application for Interdistrict Attendance Permit from district of residence. – District Office
2. Complete all sections of Parent’s Request for Interdistrict Attendance Permit and fill in the reason for request in the space provided. Sign request. Upon approval of the authorized school administrator of the district of residence, your request will be sent to the requested district.
3. Parent/guardian will be notified by mail of the final decision from the Office of Child Welfare & Attendance.

What are the justifiable reasons I may request a transfer from my district of residence to another district?
When childcare needs of the student are met by a parent/guardian or relative living within the district of desired attendance.
When the student has sibling(s) attending school in the district of desired attendance.
When the parents of a resident student move out of the District and the student has been in the District for more than a year.
When a student who currently has an Interdistrict transfer desires to move to the next level, i.e., grade 5 to 6 or grade 8 to 9 and wishes to maintain educational continuity.
When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving to the receiving district within the immediate future.
When the parent/guardian of a student in grades K-8 is employed within the boundaries of the district of desired attendance. School assignment contingent upon space availability.

When will I know if my request for transfer has been approved?
The length of time to review transfer applications varies. Every effort is made to complete the process in a timely manner. Applicants will be notified by phone/mail as to the outcome of their request.